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Two wolves On my shoulder


In his book No excuses, Brian Tracy narrates an old Indian Story which says, There are two wolves sitting on both of my shoulders (One on each shoulder) one is black one which always provokes me to do the things which are against my values and those which are fun & easy, expedient while on the other shoulder there is a White wolf which provokes me to do the things which are in alignment to my character and that are necessary, important, long-term etc. The listener asks the man which wolf has greater control over the self then the narrator replies the one which I feed.

White wolf - which pushes you to do goodBlack wolf - Provokes you to do bad

Which wolf is fed?

The story has good amount of truth in it that what we do repeatedly gets strengthened i.e. if you read a lot of inspiring stuff then you would be inspired to do more, be more (i.e. feeding the white wolf) and at the same time if you keep on feeding the black one by constantly getting exposed to audio, video which provokes you to do things that are fun and easy instead of what are important and necessary then the black wolf would have control over you.

So, your life and your character is in your hands and you can change your life and everything in it by constantly exposing yourself to the content which inspires you to grow and do more in alignment to your Goals, dreams or aspirations instead of just sitting down, brooding and dreaming feeding the black wolf would degrade your assets (mind, character, time) and would take you nowhere.

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit said the great philosopher Aristotle. So, why not give it a try and take control over our lives, our fortune by constantly and consciously feeding the white wolf than the black one by doing nothing because Empty mind is Devil’s workshop and if you aren’t doing anything productive by feeding the white wolf then you are implicitly feeding the black one which would have more control on you.

So, Be careful … feed the right wolf i.e. the White wolf.

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