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Stop making excuses, they steal your self esteem – Do it or don’t Do it

Hi Friend,

You remember when we used to forget to do our homework in the school then we used to make all types of excuses seeing the big stick in the hands of teacher just for surviving that moment alone saying – I couldn’t complete the homework because

  1. I was not feeling wellDo it or Don't do it - Stop making excuses
  2. My Father or Mother took me out
  3. Relatives came to my home etc.

Our only intention is to survive and escape punishment, that isn’t acceptable in school only but you know unconsciously we are following the same now as well.

We are making excuses now as well

Don’t believe me? Let me give you an example – Our favorite excuses are

  1. I can’t because I am from ordinary school.
  2. I can’t run faster because I don’t have stronger legs
  3. I can’t because I was born poor.
  4. I can’t because I am not born or brought up in a rich family like him.

All the above and even many other excuses which we see people making are really lies, correlate the below instances with some real life examples

  1. Thomas Alva Edison didn’t have any generic schooling and he was the one who has invented electric bulb. The invention was neither accident nor luck but a pure and diligent effort in spite of failing 10,000 times.
  2. Wilma Rudolph, a woman with abnormal legs but still managed to win Olympic medal for being the fastest woman on the track. Was she lucky?
  3. Andrew Carnegie, one of the great industrialist of America started his life as a daily wage worker.
  4. Albert Einstein is believed to be the human being who has used his brain to the maximum extent made his theory proposal when he was just a clerk.

Are the above people lucky, fortunate, gifted? I guess no, but they had some qualities and they are

  1. Strong desire to achieve their goal
  2. Persistent effort until they reached their goal
  3. No excuse mindset – none of the above people made excuses.

Stop making excuses

So, Stop making excuses, don’t waste the incredible power of your brain to make excuses says, Brain Tracy. If you are able to Do a task DO IT, if you fail to DO IT then properly analyze the reason for your failure instead of blindly blaming others or making excuses. Both blaming others and making excuses kill your self-esteem and make you weak and you start making, even more, excuses.

So, don’t ever make excuses – Winners make progress, Losers make excuses said, one great soul.

Stop making excuses because excuses steal your self-esteem and make you weak instead accept your mistake and learn from it to make progress next time.

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