Spend time with your family and friends


In modern day busyness, we often tend to forget to associate with people like our family, friends, relatives etc. who would always be close to our heart but distant in location and thoughts, ideals.

Our ideals don’t matchspend time with family

With our family and friends mostly our dreams, thoughts might not match because not everyone in our family would share similar stuff in goals, the field of work, career etc.

Due to which we might ignore associating with them because frequently associating with them wouldn’t do us any good in our professional life. But, they are often people whom we care about and who care about us, if we spend at least some of our quality time with them they could be great motivation and inspiration to us.

Because we are bonded with them through LOVE and LOVE alone can cure all our ailments both physical and mental which keep hurting us. So, make sometime every week, month and year meeting people like your family and friends.


You can either stay connected with them through calls to each and everyone at least calling one of them week after week covering all. Meeting them in person at least monthly, quarterly either you going to their home or inviting them to your home for lunch.

Note: Staying connected in Whatsapp chat isn’t that effective instead have a vocal or visual connection with your loved ones because the biggest drawback with chat is you can multi-task and chat which wouldn’t do much good to your relations but in voice call, video call or direct meeting you would receive the full attention of the opposite person.

By doing above, you would easily strengthen your bonds with them. And, that keeps you both happy, accomplished.

Relations with family, friends, relatives would divide your sorrow and make it negligible for you while your happiness (however small it is) would get multiplied exponentially in their presence.

So, even if you think in selfish terms, relations would only do good to you. And, too much is too bad in any scenario which applies to relations as well where you have to keep balance with relations and other parts of your life so that relations don’t get overwhelming as well. (Just a note of caution) 🙂

I hope there was something useful you can take away from this post. 🙂 

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