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Failure – Use it in your favor not against you

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  • Failures are stepping stones to Success 
  • Success is like a lover which may leave us at any time while Failure is like a mother which teaches us important lessons of life. – Unknown
  • FAIL – First attempt in learning – APJ Abdul Kalam
  • If you fear failure then start early – Rich Dad

The above definitions are some of the best definitions of failure which I have heard till now, an interesting thing in human life is the failure, each person looks at it in a different way. How you handle failure and fear determine your future and success says an author.

Failure is a great companion in human life, as said above it teaches us some great lessons which we could have never learned through success. Many have a misconception about failure due to which they are unable to utilize the failure which is actually a stepping stone the success which they really want, but not all are successful in this attempt. So, how to utilize failure?

use failure to bounce back with greater enthusiasm

Utilizing failure

Many fear failure but fear of failure should be turned into utilizing failure. Most of us feel extremely bad when we fail, but instead, if you can look around for the lessons which we can learn through your failure then we would astound ourselves.

Norman Vincent Peale says, when god wants to send us a gift, he would wrap it in a wrapper called problem and send it to us. What happens when you try to open the wrapper i.e. solve the problem, you might fail, instead of sitting and crying or quitting if you focus on solving the problem then one or the other time you open up the wrapper.

Final Note

Learning from failure is the best way to utilize failure, if you utilize failure then it would become a stepping stone to reach your success else it would just be a mere failure – a bad memory to screw up your happiness.

The choice is yours, look at it as a lesson, you would find the lesson or else look at it as a failure it would be responsible for losing your current happiness as well.

So, use Failure in your Favor and not against you.

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