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Confusion to Focus

Hi Friend,

I used to often get confused about so many thoughts which cloud my mind and I tend to lose focus on what I have to do currently. Then, after good amount of brainstorming and expert advice, I found Pen and paper are the best way to handle this problem.

Steps from Confusion to Focus

  1. Pull out a paper, a plain one would be suggested (instead of a filled paper).
  2. Take out a PEN, Write down all that is coming to your mind (all thoughts).Image result for confusion
  3. Then categorize them in two sections – Useful, Useless thought list.
  4. Then discard the Useless thought list to Trash (if possible crush the paper which has this list – That gives a feeling for your mind on Discarding those thoughts from your Mind as well).
  5. Now, Focus, on the Useful thought list.
  6. Number the thoughts on their usefulness to you currently.
  7. Mostly, those Useful thoughts would comprise of your deepest Desires and Dreams (for me this is the case, so I assume the same for you because our mind always dwells on what we like the most or what we fear the most).
  8. Now, choose one important Dream or Goal among them, the one if that get fulfilled then everything in your life would change.
    1. ex: For somebody, if money is earned all problems are solved.
    2. For some, if their relations get better then all problems are solved.
  9. Choose one such goal.
  10. Then, list down the things which you can do at the moment (right now) to make that goal and reality.
  11. And, Start doing the things which you can do.
  12. And, I hope by now you aren’t confused anymore instead you are focused.
  13. Now, when you have focused all your powers, energies which were diverted and confused before. Have now got concentrated to achieve one single thing and BOOM !!! that one thing gets completed or achieved pretty quickly than you have ever thought.

This way, you can easily achieve FOCUS from a confused state easily.

Hope, this post was useful to you. Your comments are welcome to make things on this blog and post better, do share them.

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