Hope you are awesome, let me share a brief about blogging and why I love it?surya konduru

I love blogging because (as I have mentioned before) it gives me a chance to share everything I know which would be
useful to anyone else in the world. I think I feel extremely happy in sharing what I know with others and learning anything new from them.

That is the reason I read books of various types inspiration, motivation, technology, life, self-development, money etc. and follow similar blogs to gain information about the various fields which interest me. And, the next thing is to implement those learned concepts (though it is not always easy to implement those which I have learned).

But, I am slowly attacking my fear and laziness which are stopping me from implementing what I have learnt and thus blocking me from achieving what I want. The following are my blogs –

  1. – A blog about life, learning, inspiration, entrepreneurship etc.
  2. – A blog about blogging, internet marketing, tips & tricks to launch an effective blog etc.


So, you have got a small glimpse about me and my works and if you and I share the same interests it would really be awesome experience for me to connect with you through social media where I am almost always active(conditions apply 😉 ).

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