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Do you invest in yourself?

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What you regularly invest in grows (provided in a correct place and process). So, this post is not purely

about investment in money or any other material things, but it is like investing in self, you read it right – Yourself.


We invest our time, money, mind or attention (the most important resources which we all possess) in many things entertainment, future, work or profession, talking, relationships etc. in many ways either knowingly or unknowingly. If you carefully examine, we would invest one thing for sure and that is time, the other two things depending on the situation.

When you are watching a movie or sport or anything you like (entertainment) – we invest our time, money, mind everything into it. Similarly, when we speak to a person – we invest our time, attention (depending on the person) and not money (unless he is a celebrity) etc. So, we invest our resources in interacting with them.

Do you invest in yourself?

What do I mean about investing in yourself or ourselves? I mean, we also have a relationship with ourselves, do you agree? If not, then what do Self-respect and Self-esteem stand for? They are synonyms for our relationship with our self, our very own self. Whether we respect ourselves or not is measured by our self-respect and esteem.

So, investing in ourselves is as important as living our lives, without investing properly and at propeinvest in yourselfr places of our lives (which needs more care and nourishing) we can’t prosper easily at them.

How do you invest?

There are various ways to invest in ourselves, to get started with how we shall list out various areas we have in our life –

  1. Health
    1. Peace
    2. Knowledge/Wisdom
  2. Wealth etc.


Health constitutes both physical and mental health state. You have to ask and answer the below questions regularly:

  • Are you physically and mentally fit?
    • If Yes, then what habits or acts are doing good for your health?
      • Can you take your physical and mental well-being to next level?
    • If No, how can you get better?
      • What actions and changes you need to make to you and your lifestyle to improve your health in both physical and mental levels?

I haven’t listed many questions, but if you start answering the above questions, you’ll start a process which would  Yogayou more ideas which are more personal and specific to yourself to get better Physically and psychologically.

Based on above answers, you can start investing your resources – Time, Body, Mind in getting better in this prime area. If you get better @ your health then it would have a great impact on other important areas: career, relationships, status etc.

Some investments can be

  1. For Physical,
    1. Playing Games – Football, TT, Swimming etc.
    2. Exercising regularly
    3. Yoga
  2. For Mental
    1. Meditation
    2. Prayer
    3. Reading Epics
    4. Good books
    5. Participating in Services like Helping others, servicing people in need.
    6. Planting and spending time with nature – Trees, birds, animals etc.
    7. Spending time with Family and People whom we love and who love us.

So, start carefully investing in this area to improve your self-confidence and thus influencing each part of your life.

The above investment areas for mental health would result in an investment indirectly into your Peace, Knowledge/Wisdom, but the reason why I have mentioned them exclusively is because they have a great significance in our lives and can influence our it greatly (in comparison to anything else).

So, below is a brief about their importance.


A Healthy mind cannot stay in an unhealthy body, but the vice versa is true i.e., an unhealthy mind can exist in the Healthy body. So, that’s the reason we have to focus on Physical and Mental Health first.


Abdul Kalam gave a great definition of the above two words in his book – Wings of Fire

He who knows others is learned, but the Wise one is the one who knows himself. Learning without wisdom is of no use.


Money is a power; We have to learn to use it in our favor else we might end up using it against us.

Now, I wish to touch briefly on what generally people refer to as investment i.e., Wealth and Money.  Earning money is only half the game, the important part of the game (to lead a financial worry-free life) is how you actually spend the money you earn? And, where do you invest your money in?

Good investments vs Bad ones

I suggest you read – Assets Vs Liabilities definition by Rich Dad.

To brief on above, An Asset is the one which puts money into your pocket, while a liability is one which takes out money away from your pocket – From Rich Dad Poor Dad.Money - investing in your wealth

If you practice investing more in assets instead of liabilities (the happiness which brings is short lived like an expensive house/car etc.) then you might never have to worry about money in your life.

This investment in your Wealth area has a greater importance because this area has the capacity to influence each and every area of your life. For improving in this investment, you can try the following.

Learn more about money and its usage from Books, Experts, Epics etc. Some good books I read about money – 

  1. Rich Dad Poor Dad – Robert Kiyosaki
  2. Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill
  3. Richest Man in Babylon
  4. The Way to Wealth – Benjamin Franklin

Thanks for Reading, share your views on this post through the comment section with me,  I will be extremely Happy.

Bye… Take care…

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