I enjoy life to the max and spread happiness with world

Who is Surya Konduru?

A brief info about me


A person who enjoys life to the fullest and ever enthusiastic to explore new aspects of life to experience various aspects of life


A software engineer by profession while a blogger, internet marketer, author, motivational speaker by passion.


A platform which gave me an opportunity to make my voice heard by the whole world by giving me a satisfaction that I am able to service who need my knowledge.


A person can move from ignorance to illumination through learning and this is a crucial aspect of my life.

About me

- Surya Konduru

The way we look at life is how it appears to us is the most important lesson I have learned. If life is looked as difficult place then it appears like that, but if we consider it as a Gym then I can make myself stronger each and every day.

  • Learning

    still in progress

  • Happiness

    making most of myself and life

  • Self confidence

    belief in self

  • Life

    Still exploring - My age

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